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Hotel La Rose du Desert is located in Arfoud, a peculiar city known as "the Door to the Desert." It was built with adobes, the traditional Moroccan building bricks, and it is a good place to spend the holiday.

The team hotel La Rose du Desert taking care of every detail to make every client feel a unique experience that will leave you mark.

"Walking by the desert makes you understand,
that the only traces that persist are
those engraved in the heart."

We are a fully professional team formed by native person, by our hand you will stay relaxed and we will try to make you feel one more, that you feel part of a place chosen as your destination.

The hotel La Rose du Desert lead the group, have fully professional team formed by native guides, they have of a fleet of vehicles 4 by 4 and minibuses, depending on the number of people and route, so you feel comfortable at every instant and you can travel to any place.

"We are moved by the passion of travel,
we like making friends on the road and of course,
that you leave mark of you stay here
and leave part of us in you,
we want to leave mark on you"

Location of our hotel

Our beautiful place in the middle of desert

Pierre Gabant